LocateStuff: Google Maps when you need them!

So I have been searching for apartments lately, in an unfamiliar state. Because I don’t know the area very well, I found myself going back and forth between apartment listings and Google Maps. This was very tedious, so I created LocateStuff. It’s a GreaseMonkey script (which is an add-on for Firefox) that gives you fast and easy access to Google Maps on ANY webpage. You can have multiple maps on a page, and you can move them around to still see the webpage underneath. Download it and give it a try!

If you are unfamiliar with GreaseMonkey, it is simply a plugin for the Firefox web browser that allows you to modify any web pages you view using JavaScript. Before using LocateStuff, you will need to install GreaseMonkey (this requires you to restart your browser). Download GreaseMonkey here. Next, restart your web browser if you haven’t done so after the install already. Now click the link below to install the LocateStuff script. If all is well, a GreaseMonkey window should confirm that you want to install the script. If the link takes you to a text file, or asks you to download it like a normal file, you may not have GreaseMonkey enabled.

Download LocateStuff Here

To use, simply highlight any address and RIGHT CLICK on the small “M” that appears. Move the window around by left clicking and dragging. Here are a few screen shots:



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