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Video SFX With Blender3D

Inspired by various Vine special effects videos (most of them of very low quality), and especially Zach King’s work, I decided to use Blender3D to make my own very short (and low quality) special effects. These were meant to be short, from learning how to use the new video sequence editor and movie clip editor […]

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LD Goggles Update

Wired LD Goggles

Problems As it turns out, there were some elements of the wireless LD goggles that were less than ideal. Drilling through plastic creates an unpleasant burnt-plastic smell The entire device was heavy and bulky, thanks to the 9V battery My current op-amp setup necessitates a 9V battery 9V batteries are not cheap, and they seem […]

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Executing a PowerShell Script Like a Batch File


If you have ever tried to execute a PowerShell script (files ending in .PS1) by double-clicking on the file, you will have noticed that instead of running the script, it opens a text editor. Whatever your reasons, it turns out there is a way to execute PowerShell scripts in this manner. Here’s how.

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Wireless Lucid Dreaming Goggles


I’ve tried to create a pair of lucid dreaming goggles before, but never this advanced. The basic idea behind them is to give you a visual cue when it detects REM sleep, the period of sleep where you are dreaming. This visual cue can be seen even though you are asleep, and assists in allowing you to realize that you are dreaming.

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Mr. 51

So this entry will be much shorter than previous ones, partially because it is getting late, and also because there is not much technical about this project. The other day, I simply had a hankering to make something of the AJAX flavor. There is no XML, but rather JSON. In the end I had an […]

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quote example

I thought I would share with you some interesting ways to display quotes using CSS, jQuery, and Javascript. I created both of these some months ago, but have yet to upload any. The first one is by far the more interesting. Using all three of the above technologies, I created an interactive quote-display webapp. Should […]

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LocateStuff: Google Maps when you need them!


So I have been searching for apartments lately, in an unfamiliar state. Because I don’t know the area very well, I found myself going back and forth between apartment listings and Google Maps. This was very tedious, so I created LocateStuff. It’s a GreaseMonkey script (which is an add-on for Firefox) that gives you fast and easy access to Google Maps on ANY webpage. You can have multiple maps on a page, and you can move them around to still see the webpage underneath. Download it and give it a try!

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Transparent Web Traffic Hijacking With Scapy, Squid, DansGuardian, and BackTrack4


This article is all about my attempt at traffic shaping/modification; how I hacked together a transparent web proxy that allows traffic modification, and ARP-spoofed my house’s network in order to do so.

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Learning C#


So over the spring break, I wrote a quick ~450 line C# program in order to learn the language. Within a day or two I had uScribble, an automatic screen-raster-renderer. To put it simply, it hijacks your mouse and draws things for you. Jumping from Java to C# was actually easier than I had thought. uScribble was basically a from-scratch copy of a similar Java application I had made in the past.

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Entity Systems

ES Javascript Excerpt

Object oriented game engines got you down? Do you find yourself writing redundant code? Is your project becoming increasingly unmaintainable with every bit of additional functionality? Let an entity system engine help!

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